Altiplanic lagoons and Toconao Village Day Tour

Guided day trip to Los Flamencos National Reserve in the Atacama desert. Visit to the Altiplanic lagoons of Caxa, Miscanti and Miñiques. We will also visit the villages of Socaire and Toconao.


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Guided day trip to Los Flamencos National Reserve in the Atacama desert. Visit to the Altiplanic lagoons of Caxa, Miscanti and Miñiques. We will also visit the villages of Socaire and Toconao.


The Laguna de Caxa is located in the center of the Atacama Desert, 7 km from the village of Toconao and 50 km from San Pedro de Atacama. It is part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve and one of the best places in Chile for the observation and study of wild flamingos. The waters of the Caxa lagoon have high concentrations of dissolved salts that allow the proliferation of invertebrates micro-organisms. These micro-organisms are part of the diet of the wild birds of the place.

The Miscanti Lagoon and the Miñiques Lagoon are also part of the Los Flamencos National Reserve. The Cerro Miscanti and the Miñiques volcano rise on its shores, giving each of them their respective names. The visits to these lagoons are part of guided circuits that allow to know the flora and wild fauna of the place.

The most abundant birds in this area are the Tagua Cornuda, the Chilean flamingo, the Andean gull, the Harrier and the Juarjal and Jergon ducks. The most known mammals in the area are the Vicuña, the Guanaco, the Vizcacha and the culpeo fox. The flora of the sector of Miscanti and Miñiques is composed mainly of natural grasslands of rainfed or marshes and by areas of thickets or tolas.

The village of Socaire, known for its small houses without windows, is part of the cultural heritage of the area. Its church, built on the basis of Adobe Materials, was built in colonial times. The main economic activity of its inhabitants are the handcrafted fabrics based on wool of sheep and camelids.

The village of Toconao is the last destination of the day, its name comes from the language Kunza “Taknar” (stone) and “ao” (place). Toconao is in an oasis that has a fountain of crystalline waters. Thanks to the abundant hydric resource available, the habitators are dedicated to the production of typical fruits of the area. Toconao has a church with Belfry, which was built in the eighteenth century.

Toconao is more than 12,000 years old and all the archaeological vestiges that were found here are in the Gustavo Le Paige Museum in San Pedro de Atacama.


06.30-07.00              Pick up from the hotel.

09.00-10.00              visit Piedras Rojas.

10.00-10.30              Breakfast

11.00-12.00              Visit of Miscanti and Miñiques lagoons

13.00-14.30              Box lunch.

14.30-15.30              Visit of Toconao

16.30                          Return to San Pedro de Atacama.


All rates are based on shared services as described in the Itinerary.

Included in the price
Transportation shared with other tourists throughout the trip.
Breakfast and Lunch Box
Guide ( Spanish / English ).

Not included in the price
Entrance fees for each person (CLP $ 6.000 , aprox. usd 9.00 )
Personal equipment
Compulsory travel insurance and other insurances of any kind.
Personal expenses.
Any service/cost not mentioned in the program.

This tour is available all the year around depending on the weather conditions and the related indications of the local authorities.


This excursion does not require physical effort, but it has a certain degree of difficulty related to the cold of the morning, which can reach less 15 degrees Celsius in the colder winter periods, and with the height, since it is climbed from San Pedro that is to 2,400 meters to 4, 290 mts. height in just a couple of hours. We recommend to plan the high altitude tours after a few days you arrived in San Pedro de Atacama. Not recommended for hypertensive people, people with heart problems, pregnant women and children under 7 years old.

What to use:

Suitable clothing is recommended for hiking, hats, sunscreen, lip balm, sneakers or trekking shoes, sunglasses and thick clothing such as high mountain parcas, gloves and scarves.

What to bring:

Water, sun cream and sunglasses. Sunscreen and hat for later hikes. Water and sweet things like chocolates and/or biscuits.