General Terms and Conditions of Travel 21 Online.

The general Terms and Conditions as stated here regulate your relationship with Travel 21 Online. Please read them carefully, if you place an order and make the respective Payment, these conditions are valid and you declare to know and accept them.

  1. Travel 21 Online is an online travel platform. The mother company of Travel 21 Online is Chile Montaña Compañia de Guias Ltda. Travel 21 Online offers and sale touristic services, some of these services are operated by third party companies. These companies are our partners, they have been tested and approved as service providers. This may include companies like hostels, hotels, car rentals, restaurants, transport companies, guides, drivers, etc…

  2. If you place a valid order with us, you accept your activities or parts of it could be provided by a third-party company as stated above. You will be billed by Chile Montaña Compañia de Guias Ltda and your online payments or bank  transfers go to Chile Montaña Compañia de Guias Ltda. Trough Travel 21 Online, Chile Montaña Compañia de Guias Ltda. will always be and remain your contract partner. In case any important issues arise during your activities, please inform us.

  3. The behaviour of all participants in group activities can not irritate or put anyone in danger. Any participant(s) not respecting this can be excluded of the activity. In this case, no refunds will be made. The decision to exclude participants can be by any one in place responsible for the activities or by Travel 21 Online. In extreme cases of unproperly behaviour the whole activity can be immediately terminated by the guide in charge or by Travel 21 Online. No refunds will be made.

  4. We guarantee the activities you book will be fulfilled under normal conditions. Not normal conditions are strikes, rooting, social unrest, road blockades, earthquakes, severe weather conditions and consequences hereof, delays by third-party transport companies or crossing borders and any events which cannot be foreseen or predicted.

  5. If any of the activities you booked by Travel 21 Online cannot fulfilled because at least one of the reasons mentioned above, we cannot make any refunds. Travel 21 Online cannot be held responsible for any extra cost the participant may occur as a consequence of the not normal conditions mentioned above.

  6. Every single activity or service you book by Travel 21 Online has his own cancellation and refund terms published. They apply together with the general terms and conditions of Travel 21 Online.

  7. In the case a dispute between Travel 21 Online and you can not be solved satisfactory for both sides, the ruling courts of Santiago in Chile have solely jurisdiction. Chilean law applies.