Hiking and trekking in The Andes country side of Santiago, La Paz, the atacama desert or Patagonia. Find the best hiking and trekking tours in south america.

Trekking in Patagonia

Often and widely considered as having the most breathtaking, scenic landscapes in the world, trekking in Patagonia is every hiker’s dream, whether it is for the avid day hiker to the seasoned, experienced multi-day trekker.

Patagonia is a land of dreams, ranging from the raging rivers of the Rio Moscu to the iceberg glacial lakes of Tigre Sur.

The hiking routes take you from lush meadows of wild flowers to snowy-rugged peaks at the base of the world famous Mount Fitz Roy.

Just the thought of hiking in Torres Del Paine National Park sends shivers down my spine. Ever wanted to visit one of the world’s most famous granite peaks? Cerro Torre in Patagonia is your place to do so.

There are literally endless kilometres of hikes to do, but it can be very difficult to choose just one when everything looks like it’s worthy of being on a postcard.

Patagonia truly is one if not the most beautiful places on earth, so where do you begin?

It’s every adventurer’s desire to get a taste of what trekking and hiking in Patagonia is like, so I have established a list of the best day hikes to the some of the world’s most stunning multi-day treks.